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Friday, May 27, 2011

The Road Trip Blog...

Hi! First let me just say that I am in rush hour traffic in Lafayette, LA. Remember that place!!?? Yikes. Won't be stopping here! The blog editor is really a bitch to use on the iPad. Pictures might not happen here. Or maybe I will add them later. I kind of think I will just keep on, big rambling account of my entire trip.

I actually packed the night before I left. Almost positive that has never happened. Did four hours of yard work yesterday then spent another three hours washing my car. Did every single errand on the list. Nothing more satisfying than leaving and. Having taken care of all responsibilities on the home front first.

Actual time of departure was 2:36 pm. Got a chance to see some pretty substantial flooding between Baton Rouge and Lafayette, it's amazing just how much water the Mississippi River contains.

Rented 5 movies from the RedBox. Can't start watching them till after dusk, about 7pm. Just too much glare on the screen. I may or may not give reviews after watching.

There is zero doubting my mind, and this conclusion comes not just from today but countless experiences. Louisiana drivers have GOT to be the worst in America. I think if Joey 'Luckbox' Gross, Mr. XBox360 blow em up shoot em up himself were with me on this road trip, he'd have my 4Runner all loaded with 50mm guns where the sun roof is and T.O.W. Missiles mounted from the brush guards and you'd be hearing some 'Real Stories from the Highway Patrol.'

Originally I was a lot bigger fan of Slacker radio but now I'm really starting to like Pandora. Better content. But I like how Slacker gives you the lyrics, so you can sing along like a Karaoke dork!

Signing off: 5:21pm. 213 miles in the book.

DAY ONE FRIDAY...$1M National Freerool!!!

Well...that was pretty anticlimactic wasn't it?  I just woke up in my bed here in Las Vegas at 6am after getting in way ahead of schedule yesterday at around 8pm. Fell asleep around 9 without even eating now, of course I'm starving. But my 30 hour drive...the 'Annual Marathon Run', followed by a 10 hour sleep fest, has me feeling totally back to normal...or as close to normal as I can get!

I've got plans to go meet Prescott for breakfast at The Wynn pretty soon. Watching Good Morning America right anticipation of the appearance of Lady Gaga. They are doing cutaways to the people in the audience waiting for the 'Lady' to perform. Its amazing to me what losers people can be. And we are hearing about Sarah Palin, and her campaign which is about to launch. If this dumb broad wins the Presidency, I swear to God...I am getting Squirrel, my dogs...and we are moving to Europe. I promise!

My room here at the Riviera is great. Spacious, flat screen TV, safe in the room, refrigerator...comfortable beds, the A/C works like a champ (very important in Las Vegas!!!) and the pool here is surprisingly decent. I am fired up about this summer...I really am. And it all starts today! I'm not going to lie...I am actually somewhat nervous. Yeah...can't remember the last time I was 'nervous' heading into a poker tourney. I kind of like it.

Okay, well...that's all I got for you today. Sure in 12 hours I will have a LOT more!


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Anonymous said...

I think you said that they were going to make you sign something when you got to Vegas. Can you comment on what you had to sign? G/L in the circuit championship. It looks like you drew one of the less difficult tables. Not that any of them are soft.