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Monday, May 16, 2011

A New Favorite Show

I appear to be locked into a 'Always Sunny in Philadelphia' marathon on Comedy Central. I think this might be my new favorite show. The girl on the show is not over-the-top good looking, which makes her more believable, and her attitude reminds me a lot of my better half...which probably has something to do with liking the show. A lot of the reasons behind me liking 'My Name is Earl' too, how much my wife reminds of me of Jamie Pressley, who I think is really smokin.

My 'Words With Friends' que is blowing up. I think I have finally weeded out all the cheaters.

Today I did something that I usually do about once a month or so. I clip/copy/paste a nice message to all the people who have Facebook requested me in the past 30-60 days...of whom I'm not familiar with, and asked them to just offer up a little 'who they are' explanation...then I either ignore them or confirm them. I think its a good I'm not trying to win any 'who can get the most friends on Facebook' contests. Just a little friendly request: If you are a frequent reader...first, thanks. I appreciate your paying attention to my miserable existence. Second...if you decide to Facebook request me...just toss in a little note telling me who you are...that you read my blog, whatever...and I will insta-confirm you.

Pray to God that this 'look' is NOT coming to a...well...anything, near you...or me for that matter! 

See this freaky looking dude in the pink shirt? Yeah...those really are his boots. Apparently, there is some little town in Mexico, where this look is the new craze...and bad news...its spreading to other towns throughout Mexico...and rumor has it that its leaking across the border into the US. What can you say about this? I would prefer to just see Daniel Tosh on Tosh.0 do a 'put 40 seconds on the clock and see how many funny things we can say about this' segment here. 

I'm picturing this guy in a crowded nightclub...say Tao in Vegas on a Saturday night...trying to just walk through the club without starting a fight. Either from flipping out when 5 out of 6 patrons 'accidentally' step on his boots, and the other from him tripping people with those ridiculous flippers. I pray...just pray...that this 'look' stays south of the border.

Not sure if you can click on that link. This blog editor is pretty fidgety. If not try doing the 'ol CLICK HERE system.

We had a death today in the rap world. Montae Talbert....a.k.a. M-Bone...of the group Cali Swag District...who made 'Teach Me How to Dougie' all the rage last year...was the victim of gang on gang gunfire in LA last night. He was 22. If you click on the can see his video, I had never seen it before. I admit, it was kind of entertaining. I had only seen John Wall of the Wizards (NBA) doing it on the pregame intros...and immediately hated it, but really just because I thought it was a bit TOO be doing all that bullshit during pregame introductions. 

Also on the Michelle Obama doing the 'Dougie' at an appearance with a bunch of kids at a school somewhere. I gotta tell ya, as First Ladies go...I think Michelle is really pretty. And she stays in great shape, and watching her dance...she is definitely the 'champ' in that marriage. I'm not positive, but I think she was at one time Barack's boss at one of his law firm jobs. I'm pretty much off the Obama bandwagon for good, after having watched a lot of documentaries that have really opened my eyes to a lot of things I wasn't aware of (I recommend "Fall of the Republican" to all...but only if you are willing to watch it with your undivided attention)....I just think the 'big experiment' is over. But Michelle? I dig Michelle. I would pay a lot of money to watch her beat the crap out of Sarah Palin. Or just see them fight for that matter. Who WOULDN'T love seeing that matchup!???

Quick question: With all the movies about cartoon characters, superheroes, and childhood has NOBODY done a movie featuring Humpty Dumpty? I mean...if Danny DeVito wasn't born for that role...who was?

Yesterday, I drove to New Orleans. I went to Lakeside Mall in Metairie first, to swap out my malfunctioning iPad2. Ever been to an Apple Store? I will tell you...its a trip. They have these dorks wandering around the store, all armed with iPads...and I mean...there are like 20 in there. The store was jam-packed. All between the ages of 18-25, most of them with bad skin, those ugly tennis shoes, and poorly fitting jeans...barking out orders to each was borderline frightening. But...they were incredibly efficient, and I was out of there with a new iPad2 in about 17 minutes.

My date with Allie Prescott (yes, that IS a guy) to watch Game 7 between the Memphis Grizzlies and Oklahoma City Thunder (aka Seattle Sonics) was pushed back...and then cancelled, as he decided NOT to donk off all his chips and ended up making the final table of the $1k tourney at Harrah's.  Probably a good thing, since his Grizzlies got mauled...losing by 15 pts. Like that pun?

Want to talk about awkward? It was $1600 Main Event mega day...and there were a LOT of guys and gals I know very well. And when I walked in the place...pretty much everyone thought I 'was back in.' I'm thankful that so many of you read my blog I don't have to explain what the ef is going on, over and over til I'm sick of explaining it. And those of you who approached me to give me your support, THANK YOU. As much as you might not think it matters, it really does. Its pretty lonely being on the outside looking in, for any event...let alone one that you have played and been pretty successful at over the past five years. 

Well, the official story is...I was never '86'ed' from Harrah's New Orleans. I was told I could play table games, and play all cash poker games...which would include the sit n gos starting today (Monday) as they go from 'satellites' where you get paid in WSOP lammers, to being cash satellites. The 'ban' placed on me was a reluctant one by the folks in New Orleans...issued from headquarters in Vegas, until it is 'worked out.' I don't even know what that means anymore. But here is where things get fun. Ready?

There is a funky little dude traipsing his way around Europe, cheating his balls off. CLICK HERE for the brief can dig deeper if you want. Scotty Clark did a little write up on it too, today. The scumbag's name is Ali Tekintamgac. He lives in Germany and is Turkish. He has been caught cheating not once...not twice, but three times. He has done the 'ol 'transfer chips from one tourney (lower buy in) to another tourney (higher buy in) move' that has prompted Tournament Supervisors around the globe to get smart and introduce a backup chip that on a series-themed event, there is a different set of chips on alternating days. He was recently caught using fake photographers to signal to him his opponents hands...and was BOOTED from the Final Table in Partouche, France during their Main Event there. He tried (with no success) to sue them for $1.5 million, the amount he might have won had he not been caught being a fucking cheat.

Well, yesterday, Jack Effel came out with an announcement from the World Series of Poker. For those who know my situation regarding this year's Million Dollar National Freeroll, you might find this somewhat compelling. He announced that the WSOP won't be allowing any 'known' cheaters to participate in this years event. This following the outcry from pros such as Daniel Negreanu, who verbally voiced his opposition to 'Ali the Cheat' being allowed to participate in the WPT $25k Main Event at Bellagio this week. Mmmm, yeah, smooth move. So...can we all start the finger-pointing? 

I mean...for starters, its been pretty well documented that certain online players have been proven to be cheaters. Are they immune now that online poker is semi-officially dead in the U.S.? We know that guys like Men The Master have been caught red-handed cheating...literally catching Men with tournament chips in his HOTEL ROOM...and yet, he has somehow managed to compete every year without any repercussion. Why? Because of his name? Because he won a bracelet or two?'re telling me there are two different sets of rules, right?

I cannot....CANNOT...wait, to see how this all plays out this summer!! I am just...not going to lie, never, ever surprised at the hypocrisy that exists in this world that I struggle every day to survive on. It's a joke.

Meanwhile...I was watching Allie slog his way to an eventual 4-way chop...where he snuck out with a pretty nice payday. I ended up knowing about 5 of the 10 guys at the Final Table..which again, was a tribute to the structure, also a slight annoyance, because I know that could have just as easily been me. Brian Walsingham, a Facebook buddy of mine...has had a tremendous week in NOLA...having already won a $300 event earlier and getting himself a ring...he had about 75% of the chips in play when they ended things yesterday, and he signed for his 2nd win of the week, collecting another ring. He probably iced the all-around points for the New Orleans event...and a spot in the National Freeroll, too. Talking to him after they all got paid...he told me he was skipping the $1600 Main because he misses his wife and kids...and was going home for the week. How bout that? Real nice guy...and a good family man to boot. Great week, props to Brian...oh and it was his birthday two days ago! Kind of reminds me of the week in Vegas when Squirrel and I got married two years ago...when I went on to snap off two win/chops in ten days. It feels damn good. Really miss that feeling, and ready to feel it again soon!

After they were done...I walked with Allie and Tony from Houston...who ended up 4th...and we had a nice dinner at Ruth's Chris across the street. I will give Allie and Tony credit, as they treated me to dinner...I really did appreciate that. But hell, when I win 50-80k I usually do the same for my buddies! Kind of goes with the territory of being a professional poker player! The food was awesome, the service was excellent, and Tony picked out a nice Cakebread Cabernet which surprised me. I knew they had a good Chardonnay, but wasn't sure about their Cab. It kicked ass...mainly because the Ruth's Chris over there 'gets it' and stores all their bottled reds at cellar temperature (54-56 degrees) so you are drinking it at its optimal temperature. I love good dining experiences. 

Took Allie to his hotel, took Maurice Hawkins to his...and drove back to Biloxi...irritated, knowing that they were going to get a good night of sleep to prepare to go back today to try and win a boatload of money in an event that I can't even play in...for....okay, enough. Yeah, I'm bitter as F-U-*-*. Think we all know that!

A buddy of mine...Tim stuck on 100 points...and needs, I believe, just one cash to qualify for the National Freeroll. I read where he is 0-6 so far in events this week. I'm really rooting for him to get that cash and get in. Tim is an excellent player...and should be in that damn thing. Good luck Tim...

I will try not to be bitter and say CONGRATS to all my real good buddies and real good poker acquaintances over in NOLA....who are having great weeks over there. You all have always been real nice to me when I'm running good, so I will try to do the same. Its a credit to your guys' skill level, as well as the kick ass structures, designed to see good players get deep and put themselves in position to make big scores. I'm happy for all of you. The list of good players that I know is really I'm not going to bother listing all of you...but I know who you are! guys can lay off already with the Pawn Stars feedback. So I was clearly mistaken on a couple of items. YES...the place featured on the show really DOES exist. I am told it is really small. I am told that the stars of the show, including Chumley, that dumpy fat troll, and the Old Man...tend to hide out in back. That it has become a tourist attraction, and has a line around the block. I am so close to giving up on the United States of America as it pertains to their glorification of the undeserving. Case in point....JERSEY SHORE. I mean...has everyone just fallen off the turnip truck or what? 

 And I've been told that 'HardCore Pawn' in Detroit puts these clowns to shame. Also told that all of their sell/buys are scripted and pre-rehearsed. Okay...thanks. I now know WAY more about Pawn Stars that I ever wanted to know. There is a good chance, that this summer...while serving my annual 7-week poker sentence in the Worlds Largest Degenerate Convention...I will get together with a few of my sicko friends like Kai Landry, Jason Young and a couple others who's innocence I will protect by not naming them (I know JY and Kai could care less, in fact LIKE the attention) and go find that Pawn Shop...and with camera in hand...clown the shit out of the losers standing in line. Could be a really fun day. Maybe do that one morning before a Tao Beach day where we play NO POKER!

Wow! May 16th...and I just topped 5,000 hits for the month. I wish I got $1 for every hit. That would really be sweet. Of course...I guess we all know what I would be doing all day, don't we!!!???

Donald Trump isn't running for President. Nor Huckabee. Hmmm...why? Is it because, maybe...they both have highly rated shows, making good bank, and getting great visibility without all the media scrutiny and stress? Pretty likely reason I think. I am really looking forward to this 2012 election. I would say it's one of the most important elections of our generation, like a lot of people did in 2008...but it all depends on who the two parties line up as their candidates. I see we just hit our 'debt ceiling' today...which is supposed to officially prevent our government from borrowing money from its own citizens to use in foreign purchases. Do any of us think this will actually amount to anything meaningful? I don't. 

Okay. I think I'm done here for the day. My Mariners...who I am watching on on my iPad...just went back-to-back home runs against Minnesota. Pretty sure that has to be the first time all year for that dubious feat...our hitting is a joke. Now I know what it feels like being a Cubs fan.  :(



Anonymous said...

Thank you Will for the kind words, and I sincerely hope everything gets worked out well for you. Brian

Anonymous said...

Confused. Many years of reading your material, I know you sometimes hang a left or a quick right turn- but you lost me and left me for scratching my head there... you said you weren't 86'd ... but here is where it gets fun... and told that cheater story- then pawnstar stuff... but never really got back to where you were going with the non 86, but can play cash story.


Poker Monkey said...

Hey need to thank ME...your actions speak for themselves. Good guy, good family man...and a winner! Nice to see! Great job this week! Hope to see you in Vegas!


Poker Monkey said...


Sorry if you felt 'sidebarred' there. Didn't really mean to do that, just that I pretty much (I thought) explained the situation last week. Due to legal department in Vegas not knowing how to deal with my case...because they arent really sure if the 86 that Effel had someone illegitimately enter in the computer regarding the 24-hr trespass up in Tunica at Horseshoe in November...which expired...but which...after reading about being kicked out HERE in my blog...decided that would be his 'weapon' to keep me out of New Orleans...and all other events...and had SOMEONE reenter. Well, its now finally made its way to people ABOVE him. The manager at Harrah's N.O. was very kind to me, didn't want to exclude me from playing WSOP events...but was advised by legal in Vegas to do so...until further notice...which now looks like...well, the END! But I was never '86'ed' from that casino. I am welcome to go there, watch friends play in tourneys, play cash game, play table games...and even play cash SNG's. Which I plan on doing today. Hope that helps! :)


Anonymous said...

why you afraid to publish my comments? what more can the 3 hooks do to you?

the DA

Poker Monkey said...

Dear 'the DA'

Not sure what comments you are referring to that I am afraid to publish. Is there a chance I didn't see them? I havent gotten any comments lately that I havent published. Can you refresh my memory?