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Friday, May 13, 2011

No News from New Orleans...Nothing.

Well so much for leaving New Orleans feeling slightly encouraged. I honestly thought that maybe the Harrah's legal department would get things all 'sorted' out and I would get a phone call telling me I could return. In fact, I didn't even unpack my suitcases. I finally did today.

Now I am just laying around...having a hard time finding motivation to do anything. Tried playing on FeltStars last night, in their $2k Guarantee Pot Limit Omaha 8 or better tourney. I was sporting a massive chiplead from about halfway through all the way till we had 20 left. It was paying 10 places. So what happens? Of course...I take utterly ridiculous beats from the worst player at the table not once, or twice...but three times...all while he is talking shit. I hate those guys. Just want to put a bullet in their avatar. I go out 11th. Yeah. Another bubble. Doesnt seem to matter if it's live, or whatever site I am playing on (though those choices are now rather limited) I just seem destined to get 'button fuc**ed' this year.

Actually left my house to run some errands. When I went to the bank to redeposit the money I thought I would be playing with in New Orleans...I hit the drive through. At the end of the transaction the teller says "Thanks for remembering that today is my birthday!"  Huh? I didnt....oh, that was a shameless plug for herself, and her birthday? To a complete (relatively speaking) stranger? How stupid. I thought that no one pulled that crap once they turned 22? "Hey WORLD! Its my birthday!!!! Say something nice to me!"

Went outside this morning to play ball with Jasper...and on the first toss...he pulls up lame like a race horse with a busted ankle...and is squealing in pain. Damn...those hips acting up again. Poor guy. But then the dummy brings me the ball again five minutes later. That dog is a major addict, I might need to schedule an intervention with some of his other friends...well, okay, Squirrel and Mollie. What I would rather do is win some damn money (of which I'm running out of faster than I would like) this summer, then come home and buy him a hip dysplacia surgery. Its pretty expensive...but I would gladly pay it if I thought he could enjoy his last 2-5 years without that terrible hip problem.

I appreciate all of you who have sent me messages or called me regarding this latest round of BS in New Orleans. My mother and wife taught me not to ever HATE anyone...but I can't deny it, NOT hating the 'Three J's' is something I'm finding to be increasingly difficult, almost impossible. I just wonder how much money those a-holes have cost me (and my family) the past two and a half years? For what?

Allie Prescott invited me to come up to Memphis today to go to the Grizzlies Game 6 against my former favorite team, the Oklahoma City Sonics/Thunder. Couldn't muster the passion to make that drive again. Did it last help sandbag. He's coming here tomorrow for the 1k at Harrah's then has requested my presence for a night of taking our depression (cumulatively) and burying it in the bottom of a glass somewhere down on Bourbon Street. That will have to happen on Sunday night...since tomorrow night I will be joining Kai Landry and performing that same function at the Gulfport Music Festival in downtown Gulfport. Typically I am not a big music festival kind of I tend to run and hide from places featuring loud noises and people pushing and shoving into me. I also don't like standing for long periods of my back and knees frown on such activities. But with Kai...I'm pretty sure we will pollute our bodies to the point of forgetting about all those little pet peeves.

Went to Home Depot today, and purchased 20 pieces of sod, which are currently STILL sitting in my 4Runner. My car should smell awesome tomorrow fresh earth. Got home and decided I was tired and would take a nap instead. Mollie's latest collection of holes in the backyard has finally inspired me launch a counter-attack. I don't know why, I mean...after I leave for Vegas...and she is forced to spend countless hours in the backyard with Squirrel at work, it only figures to get worse. I think I purchased close to 120-150 pieces of sod last summer in the War on Turf.

Also entertained thoughts of going to IP tonight and playing some cash game. I just get so damn annoyed and bored when I go play cash game. Probably best to just stay at home and continue Google'ing ways to wreak havoc on someone's life without detection.

So I got my new iPad2. We have problems. I can't get the damn thing to detect my location. Which I use for several the Map...where you use your iPad as a GPS device basically. And other things like I go to watch a game, and it has to decide whether to let me based on my geographical location. And since it can't, I get denied. Yeah...that's only $29.95 a month. And of course...Tech Support for Apple is stumped. Of course they are.

What kind of person cheats at 'Words With Friends?' The popular new game that is identical to Scrabble has blown where everyone is either playing it or talking about it. Bottom has a great network, much better than Scrabble's. At any given time, on my iPad, or my problematic new iPad2...I have 15-20 games going. The nice thing is that there is no time limit. Some of my games have gone on for a month. There are some people who I will play once...and then never again. Why? They cheat. There are free app's out there like 'Cheat For Friends' that are really a huge assist to finding the perfect word. I admit to having looked at it, to see if it really works. However, I don't resort to it. Why? Pretty simple. I am playing to (a) sharpen my mind and (b) get me through slow/boring moments in life and on top of it all...I'm not playing for money! So what thrill does someone get when the put a major-league beatdown on you because they cheated? It's not like I'm spending the next day or two trying to recover from the 100 point beating I took. People can be really stupid sometimes.

I've decided that I am now convinced that we did, in fact kill Bin Laden two weeks ago. Seeing the pictures of the dead assholes that were in there with him....CLICK HERE for the link, since the photos are unable to be copied...thanks a lot Reuters, you greedy fuc***ers. Pretty hard to stage that scene. I wouldn't hate having an absolute, no questions about it, accounting of what went down, and how. And I would love to hear a first hand account from the actual SEAL member who pulled the trigger that fired the fatal bullet at Bin Laden's head. Not that we ever will. I know I was critical of what 'really' happened, since we have spent almost a generation of being duped, lied to, and mislead...thus leading to great distrust between me and my governmental leaders. But on this one...I think I can close the book.

Now what I am truly hoping, is that what we recovered from the scene is resulting in a ton of special black op's right now that have our covert operatives sneaking in and killing these Al Quaeda pricks all over the world. Again, news we won't hear...not this decade at least, and I'm fine with it.  But its about time we taxpayers start getting a little bang for our buck...and a little 'heater of death to terrorists' is just what the doctor ordered.

When people call you on your phone at like 8:37am...ask for you by first and last name...and then claim to be calling about a 'legal matter' I can assure you it is never a good phone call. It is, however, an excellent opportunity for you to try out your improv and/or standup comedy skills against a person who more than likely hates their own life and makes less than $9 an hour. Chances are stronger than 78% that they are seated in a cubicle with stupid pictures tacked all over the carpeted walls. Let 'em have it. Don't just hang up...that's the easy way out.

Drive through fast food people are sort of annoying. I think they are part of the reason for rampant obesity in this country. My order lately at Burger King has been pretty simple...."Two Whopper Jr's with cheese please."

"Is that all?" Yeah! That's all! Stop trying to intimidate me into buying more...even though your onion rings with the tangy sauce and those $1 apple pies are freaking delicious. Just lay off!

Wow. Memphis is looking like they are going to win this game. 90-81 with a minute left. Guess Allie was right. Guess that means I will be hanging out with him in New Orleans on Sunday seeing which one of us can outdrink the other. Should be fun. 

I still don't know where I am staying at in Las Vegas this summer. My wife is freaking out about it more than I am. I mean...why lose my mind? Things just havent come together they way I was hoping they would. And now I have lost two of my potential roomies who panicked and got two bedroom condos. No sweat. My initial gameplan was to go to New Orleans, make about 2 or 3 Final about $40k...and not even CARE where I stayed. I would like to thank the "Three J's" for effectively smashing those plans into dust. Its okay...what comes around, goes around. I may be languishing in the valley right now...and they may think they are on the mountaintop...but I digress.

Stay tuned kids. Eventually...the truth has a way of presenting itself to those who really make the decisions. And then...the hammer shall fall. In the meantime...I intend to enjoy my last two weeks at home with my wife and dogs...then head to Vegas with the determination to repeat my title from 2009 as Venetian's All Around Champion...and come home with enough loot to continue waiting these guys out.

Good Night. Best wishes and prayers go out to all of you affected by flooding and the tornadoes.


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